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Bob Dylan "Slow Train Coming", "Saved" and "Shot of Love"


I don't think these people understand irony. They will just go on babbling in their own clueless way...


Is this bigotry for real? If you made a remark like that in, say, a hip hop thread, a gay thread, a Muslim thread, or any other ethnic/lifestyle/religious oriented thread besides a Christian one, you'd pretty much get metaphorically strung up.

To the OP, Indelible Grace makes fantastic music. This is my favorite album by them.

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Mortification's Scrolls of the Megilloth if you ever are jonesin' for some old school christian death(life?) metal.

+1 :D


a few others I came across, luti-kriss (note the spelling, not to be confused with a band with a similar name),  tourniquet, ethereal scourge, circle of dust, klank, east west, extol, embodyment, Blindside (silence, about a burning fire, a thought crushed my mind), betrayal (the passing), precious death


be hard to find some of them, havent been around for years,  luti-kriss is pretty heavy, tourniquet with ted kirkpatrick is more of an old school hard rock, circle of dust (same as klank actually, its the same guy) is electronic with a nudge towards heavy metal, Blindside was pretty big for a bit there when they went mainstream but they got bummed out and quit when their equipment got stole (the whole trailer) while on tour.  Betrayal is like Believer, very very hard to find, wouldnt even be able to find believer except they just re-released a very limited amount of copies of their older cds

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A few off of the top of my head would be mortal, third day, dakota motor company, uthanda, ( tourniquet and p.o.d. --both mentioned earlier in the thread)

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one of the more christian flyleaf songs

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another heavy christian band, girl singer with some mad vocal talent (ie lungs)






and soul embraced from their first album



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Iona would be a good one to try, particularly live.  Heaven's Bright Sun is a double cd with most of the good stuff on it.  Either that or Journey into the Morn.

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jazz, pop, rock - Seawind



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