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IEM Headphones On a Budget

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This marks my first thread at Head-Fi and now down to business. I was using Bose ie2 Earphones (please don't flame me) and they were quite good. I mainly gravitated towards those pairs of earphones because they were so comphy to wear. They didn't have any of the traditional uncomfortable pressure that iem's are known to produce. 


Anyways, the sound was pretty good, I used Neutron Music Player on my phone to boost the Mid and Highs and the bass was quite punchy. Without this sounding like a review for Bose, here is my current situation. They broke :(


I want a pair of headphones that are comfortable but at the same time offer decent sound. Many have told me that Bose sound is overrated and that they are so popular because of their marketing budget. I have decided to give another brand a try and after a couple of hours I have narrowed it down to the shure se215.


The Shure Se215 seem to be getting pretty good reviews and the fact that the cable can be replaced is a huge selling point for me. However, with my limited knowledge (I'm definitely not an audiophile) I'm quite not sure what to do. Are there any other good alternatives to the Shures? Or does anyone here have a pair and would like to share their experience. 


I am in no means in the professional audio business and I use my phone to listen to my music (no amp). However, I have quite sensitive ears to a degree I can hear people whisper. I hate sharp highs and earphones that drown you in a overload of Bass. Any feedback would be great. In essence if would be good if I could find something comfy.





Previous Earphones

Bose ie2 - Mid's and High's were bad before I used an EQ

Monster Turbines - Well rounded but cause uncomfortable pressure in my ears and I replaced them 4 times before the warranty expired. "Life is too short to listen to headphones that break" (Not sure if anyone will get that reference) 

Beats Tours - These were just terrible the only thing that was good was the bass

SkullCandy - First earphones got them for $10, I was in the Bass Junky Phase

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Hifiman re400. = No sharp highs. Balanced bass. liquid mid range.


However, you might think it doesnt have enough bass if you were once a bass junkie, so take this recommendation lightly.


if you want to ask somebody more experienced, post in joker's thread. Read the reviews on the first page as well.


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