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Repairing damaged hd800 cables

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I've got the stock cable for my hd800s and due to excessive use over the years, one of  the cables has been damaged near the connector. The plastic surrounding the wires has split and the sound cuts on and off (more off than on at the moment), so I was wondering how difficult it would be to cut of the damaged part and resolder the two ends together. How would I go about doing it?

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That sounds pretty bad. Can't imagine how annoying that might be, mate.


I got mine a month and a half ago and the stock cable does seem rather flimsy, around the interconnects. Guess aftermarket cables are what you'd have to go for, since I doubt you can fix the wiring yourself.


Personally, I wouldn't try to fix it, or let a DIY-er do it, unless they're highly reputed for being able to do such repairs. Screwing the fine balance is really easy. Since the HD800 aren't cheap at all, and yours seem to be fine otherwise, why don't you just go for one of the cheaper aftermarket alternatives? As far as I've heard, the stock HD800 cable costs around 150 USD itself. Doubt it's easily fixable.

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