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For Sale: Logitech Touch

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For Sale:
Logitech Touch

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am streamlining my audio system and am selling one of my 3 Logitech Touch media players.

It is in very good condition, has coax and optical digital out so you can hook up the DAC of your choice

and an internal DAC if you want to go analog out.

In addition, an 'unsupported' app (but downloadable to the Touch from the Logitech website) lets you use USB out for hi-rez as well.


If you are running an LMS (Logitech Media Server), you know how convenient these are.

You can control them from your listening spot via wifi from an iphone or android device.

My favorite is 'squeezer' on an android tablet, but i have also used the 'squeezebox' and 'iPeng' apps on an iphone.


You can see the one I've built into a weather-proof box for use on my patio at this link:


Regarding the price:  these are no longer made by Logitech (they have gotten out of the business) and are rarely available.

The asking price is exactly what I paid for for my 3rd one about a year ago (but I am now using a Raspberry Pi based LMS system in my car).

I am not making any money on this so no low ball bids or complaints please.


Buyer pays paypal 3% + shipping.

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Wanted: $9,999.99 (USD)
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