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Alpha Dog or the M100

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HI head fi , I am torn between two headphones, while I can audtion , I simple need another persons opinion in deciding this, I have the E17 and the e09k as my set up. I am looking for a straight upgrade from my currently owned beyer dt770. The main argument so far from my impressions is that the m100 is definitely more fun sounding, less expensive and of course easier to drive with everything else that is not a desktop set up   , while the Alpha dog is superior in technicality and would probably scale up way better , comfort for me is about the same I do wish they have velour pads though


I am edging to the m100 so far , any second opinion? , would my set up truly drive the alpha dog ? Which one should I pick up ?


thanks head fi

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Yes the alpha would scale better, but the m100 is not even in the same league as the alpha dog, at half the price. Mad dog vs m100 would be much closer matched.
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its not half in the store i am trying it on though , closer to a 25% increase of around 400 (m100) and the 600 (alphas)

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The Alpha Dogs are a better headphone from everything I've read.  When I say better, I mean closer to neutral but it still has some fun in it.  I hope this helps you.

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Don't buy the m100 for 400, they should be 300
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