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Reterminate 6.3mm to 4 pin XLR

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Hi guys,


I currently have a Toxic Cables Viper cable for a pair of Sennheiser HD650's. I have just bought a Centrance HiFi M8 with XLR connection and wanted to reterminate my cable to use the XLR out.


I have never attempted to build or reterminate a cable in the past and wondered if this was a fairly simple job. I have modified Grado's in the past including unsoldering and resoldering driver connections so have no problems with using a soldering Iron.


How would I go about reterminating this cable to the XLR.....Can anyone offer advice or point me in the direction of any good instructions / videos??



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It's very straight forward. You'll unscrew the 1/4 connector, and wire up the XLR.

4-pin XLR pinout is 

Pin 1 : Left +

Pin 2 : Left -

Pin 3 : Right +

Pin 4 : Right -


You'll want to use a multimeter to determine which ground is which (they're connected on the 1/4" connector - just test resistance between the Left / Right signal, and wire them to Left / Right - accordingly.

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Thanks for that mate....shouldnt be too bad, although you lost me a bit when you started talking about multimeter's as Ive never used one of these before.


Is it the the left / right wires that I am testing for resistance? I assume I do this once I have unsoldered them from the 1/4" connector? What should they read as on the multimeter and what should I have the multimeter set to?


As you can see I am a complete newbie to this!!

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Measure resistance (Ohms) between the left/right signals and the 2 grounds to identify which ground goes with which signal.

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