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For Sale:
FS: Antique Sound Labs MG Head DT/OTL

Will Ship To: EU

It's a tube amp with 2XEL84 power tubes and 1X 12AX7 as input tubes


This amp did a very good job for my HD800 and many cans I owned or tried with : HD580 , AKG K240, K1000 , K340, DT880-250Ohms, Hifiman HE-4 and Ultrasone Signature pro.  The MG Head provides both OTL & Transformed outputs and allows to switch ON/OFF the feedback. the transformed output has a 12ohms measured impedance. I haven't any reliable source for the OTL impedance output.  I didn't find any power measurements but we tried many hard to drive heaphones and the MG head powered them with ease.  


Sonically, I compared this amp to some well-regarded tube and SS references : Meier Corda Jazz & Concerto, Schiitt Vali , Trafomatic Experience One and this MG head stayed at home as my favorite amp for my HD800. Overally the sound is not too much "tubey" or "syrupy" and keeps a good sense of transparency. Less than Meier amps for sure but still very good.  In transformed mode, the MG Head is slightly warm , well bottomed, a bit mid-centric without any edginess and maybe a very slight treble roll-off that matched perfectly well with the HD580 or the HD800 . The OTL mode offers more bass and more overall clarity with a bit less warmth. In OTL mode the gain is much higher with High impedance headphones. 


I could hear a very slight buzz/hum when it tried SE535. No hum with my headphones. Using the volume pot is slightly microphonics. Depends on tubes. There's a slight left/right imbalance at very low volumes. 


For the asking price I deliver the MG Head with my favorite set of tubes: a matched pair of NOS RTC/Mullard EL84 + a NOS Siemens 12AU7. Perfect balance between Mullard's warmth and smoothness and Siemens transparency and clarity. I add an alternate set of tubes 1X  5751 RCA Black plates and a matched pair of NOS Telefunken el84.


Price includes Paypal fees & shipping costs for EU.  This amp will be available from May 2014.


I sell it only because I've ordered a brand New DNA Sonett 2 :D and I need money . 

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