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Hey guys. I currently have an Aune T1 and am using an Amperex OG 7308 gold pin tube with it. While browsing a few of the threads, I've noticed that some people are saying the Aune's amplifier isn't "powerful" enough. I'm not sure if they're talking about the volume or the characteristic sound of the amp itself, but many recommend purchasing another amp and simply using the Aune as a tube DAC.


That being said, I love the aesthetics of the Schiit products and am trying to decide between the Magni and Vali. I briefly considered getting the Crack for my HD600, but I'm probably going to sell it and stick to my HE-400 as my sole headphone. As such, which Schiit amp would the HE-400 pair better with? I already have the "tube sound" from my Aune, but I'm not sure if having a tube amp with supposedly lower quality tubes would help, especially considering that the HE-400 has a very low impedance of 35 ohms.


Or is it even worth upgrading in the first place?



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