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For Sale: JH13 PRO (not freqphase version)

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For Sale:
JH13 PRO (not freqphase version)

Will Ship To: Continental United States

Up for sale are my Jh13 Pro. I am the second owner, and had them reshelled by InEarz (it's $150 to have them re-shell it for you BTW). They sound terrific, and STILL BEATS THE PANTS outta any other $600 iem or ciem. So if your looking for the best bang for the buck around this price bracket, you can't go wrong!


Included is the original JH Audio otterbox-type case, and Jh Audio mic cable with remote button (pause,play,ff,rw). The pins on the cable are slightly bent and I removed the memory wire, also the plastic on the jack was was shaved off a bit by previous owner.  (pics later)


I am selling them because I have other new gears to play with.:wink: 


$450 shipped in the Continental U.S. (no international, sorry). Buyer pays paypal fees, or send as gift.


There's a bunch of pictures I posted a while back on these ciem's here:

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