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Hi Guys,


     I'm just wading through the various offerings from ALO, HiFiMan, Moon Audio and others, but ultimately my question is reasonably simple:


If I buy a balanced amp (or dac/amp) from iBasso / RSA / ALO or whomever, what are my options for the various TRS and XLR connections when I want to mate said component to headphones from HiFiMan, Au'deze etc ? Ideally, I'm thinking fully balanced operation, but all feedback welcome.


   Ultimately, I'm thinking of posting a table - electronics down one side and headphones at the top - but I suspect someone has already cracked this nut. I saw the DiY cable thread, but that's not what I'm after - I want a ready reference to commercially made cables for each of the popular amps.






PS before someone points me to the (superbly constructed) ALO cable page, note that ALO make no provision for the Hirose connector used by iBasso - happy to hear otherwise. I accept that the normal chain of events when a new device is released is for Head-Fiers to ask 'Who's making a cable ?' and take it from there, but poring over the RWA mods to the AK players I realised I was somewhat lost as to how I was supposed to connect their balanced out to one of the above amps. Exactly why iBasso chose the Hirose connector over the 'XLR mini' Ray Samuels uses is anyone's guess. I can spend hours at Cable Chick and never see some of the connectors used in this zany hobby ...


End of the day, having it all in one place would make like a lot easier for newbies and people like myself who don't spend every waking hour on Head-Fi  ;)