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New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

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My friend was looking for a new pair of headphones when he tipped me off about this announcement:




Particularly interesting is the new MDR-ZX750




Product page:




There also appears to be a bluetooth version:






If anyone can read Japanese and get some more details about this stuff?


I'm a big fan of the MDR-ZX700, especially with price drops since launch.


This new ZX750 looks a bit like a cross between the old ZX700 and the new MDR-1R series, so you have to wonder if it will have the same bass light, slightly warm sound, or they're going for something different again.


Launch price for the MDR-ZX750 seems reasonable at 10,500 yen. I believe this is lower than what the ZX700 launched at, so I wonder if they are repositioning the product.




UPDATE 27 March


I had a chance to play with the ZX750 at a Sony audio event that I was invited to in Sydney. It was a very noisy environment, so I didn't get a concrete impression of the sound. I did sound warm, and I suspect I would like it more because it didn't seem to have the scooped mids of the MDR-10R.


Considering that it was lightweight and comfortable, I think this is a promising contender for a competent and well priced portable headphone in 2014!


It is definitely a portable headphone, and you can see it starting from 2:45 in this video I made of the event:



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I'm very interested in these as they do in fact look very similar to the 1R series and I'm sick of corded earphones at the gym as I destroyed my pair of Iron Man earphones by yanking too hard on the cable. So I'd love to use these Blue tooth headphones at the gym as a pretty cheap pair (in comparison to other BT headphones) for weight lifting primarily. I considered the MDR-10RBT headphones but from your reviews you don't seem to be fan of them and you said that the build quality wasn't that sturdy so it wouldn't last very well in a gym environment. 


On Rakuten.com you can get the white MDR- ZX750BN headphones for $126.53 (the black version is out of stock) the white version wouldn't be that subtle at a gym :/ haha




EDIT: I ended up using a 20% off Ebay coupon code to buy a brand new pair of Jaybird Blubuds X earphones off Ebay.

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Updated the thread with some video I took of the ZX750 I took at a recent Sony event.


Since I can confirm that the ZX750 is definitely portable headphone sized, I will ask a mod to move this to the portable subforum...

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$699 for the ZX1's plus a pair of MDR-1RMK2BT's is a nice bonus..though expensive still without a doubt.

I'm not a big fan of the MDR-1R series but I may consider selling my Cowon J3 MP3 player as I think it's ready for an upgrade...maybe to even the next gen ipod touch.


who knows how much I could get for it though :/


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Found MDR-ZX750 on amazon, one ships from hk and one from japan. Wonder if they are on the same level with the 10r. 

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Reminds me of V6/7506/600/500/etc., but with a thicker headband.

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The MDR-ZX750AP is total crap. The driver is SO close to your ear that the soundstage is totally gone. Sound wise, bass notes lack definition and clarity and bass notes all blur into one monotonous thump. Sound in all frequencies was grainy and detail and clarity was sorely lacking. My ATH-S300 at half the price does better in everything, including noise isolation, and my Sennheiser HD 229 at slightly less of the price of the 750AP gets it even better.
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However, for truely enjoyable music listening, i still go back to my ATH-M50x, Nad Viso HP50 and PSB M4U1 XD. But these are all at least 2 times rhe price of the ZX750AP, but i still get the best sound for the price.
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Fluffy Muffinz, u should not sell your cowon J3 for a next gen ipod touch. I wonder if u understand the sound quality difference between a cowon J3 and a simple ipod touch. If u really want a new player, get something like the FiiO X3.
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Btw, the ZX750AP sounds nothing like the MDR-1R. They do have common traits, like extremely grainy and unrefined sound, and many unsavoury other qualities. And in case u are thinking, i do not hate sony, i actually have a soft spot for them. I jump at news of new gear from them, but their current gear, with the exception of miracles like the MDR-7520, is just not up to par.
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Sealing the bassport helps to control the bass on mine. 

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There isn't even proper bass to speak of. Compare this to others like the PSB M4U1 which has true bass, and i happen to own it.
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That's too bad, I had quite the high hopes for the MDR-ZX750 myself. Love the look of it, and since I do really like the MDR-1R I wanted a portable alternative with a similar style. (Bringing the 1R outside makes me really nervous).
Glad we finally see some thoughts about these cans in english :smile: The last (and so far only) impression I've seen on these was a japanese unboxing with a quick test of the bluetooth version - with the guy saying "they sound good" and never went into more detail.

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Having the mdr-750 bn myself and can confirm that i has a nice warm sound. When listening to acoustic guitar like that from tommy emmanuel they are very nice to listen to. I would reccomend them escpecially looking at the price point sold.
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