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Corsair SP2500's died; now what?

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They were working fine saturday. Got to work today and found them off which was strange as I don't remember turning them off saturday. Turned them on, control pad powered up and and works fine but nothing from the speakers or sub. Not even a hiss or puff. Dead silence. 


Opened them up and found nothing glaringly wrong with them. So...


Order another set of SP2500's or something else? I really like this set, the sub is the best thing I have heard in this price range. I of course dislike the 150hz hole that everyone knows about but it isn't a deal breaker for a set of office speakers. 


I have seen Swan M50W mentioned a few places. Look good. But anywhere that ships them to Canada with a good return policy?


Budget $200-$400 though I really want to stay on the low end of that. 


Not against buying separates. But I am limited on size. I wouldn't want anything much bigger than the corsair's. The size of the Swan M50W speakers would work well. 


Biggest thing is I really like the sub from the Corsair SP2500's. Incredible design and performance for the price. Don't want to give that up but at the same time don't want to buy another set if they are going to fail after two years. 



That is a Audinst HUD-MX2 dac that will be driving whatever I get.

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See what you can get the JBL LSR305s for. They've been getting rave reviews here in the US since released last fall. Probably not going to dig as deep as the Corsairs, but you could add a sub later on.
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Here's a decent deal on a 10" subwoofer that could be used with powered monitors: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/polk-audio-10-100-watt-powered-subwoofer-psw10/10053785.aspx
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Would you take the polk over the dayton SUB-800/SUB-1200?

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Not sure about the SUB800, but I would definitely take the SUB1000 or SUB1200 over the Polk. But aren't they hard to get in Canada?
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$112 shipping for the SUB-1200 from parts-express. 


puts it at $230ish shipped. 

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That's definitely a little pricey.
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But is there anything equal or better for around $230?

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Sorry. I don't know what's available in Canada in that price range.
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Are they past your warranty period?

Have you at least try calling corsair about the issue?

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I haven't tried calling Corsair. They are past their warranty. I purchased them in Nov of 2011. 


And I have opened them now so doubt they would fix them for me anyway. Took them to my local hackspace and had some friends help me diagnose the unit. The PSU is not getting it's turn on signal. Which from what we can tell could be any number of things. 

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ouch... Ok... Good luck. I just bought my set not to long ago. I like them allot... At least compared to what I had before...

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Found avshop.ca that carries Audioengine. Can get the Audioengine P4 speakers and N22 Desktop amp for $500 shipped.

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There are t-amps by Topping and by Indeed (Indeed is factory direct via Ebay) that are, IMO, better values than Audioengine's N22. If you are willing to shop around, you might could find passive speakers on sale that would be a better value than the P4s.

If you want to go the passive speaker route, I would suggest you start a thread over on AVS's speaker forum. Be sure to put Canada in your location in your profile, and also mention it in the post. There are sometimes Canadian members who really know speakers that can help that know the best values.
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Thanks I will do that. 


Audioengine  P4 and NHT Superzero 2.1 are the only ones I can find that are small enough to fit on my desk (that don't also look like complete crap or have horrible reviews).


I was looking at the Topping amps on amazon but to get them in canada that is still $100-$120 and they don't have a line out for a sub. I will check out those Indeed ones. 

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