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Elite Core Audio PMA

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Hello friends


whats goin with you? Its been long since ive popped around here to have some enlightend conversation.


At any rate, I come to you humbly today, to inquire about this brand I came across, that actually is US-Texas based, and even produce some of their line there, too, in which I had not found much about.


They have some nice mixing consoles, they seem some how related to PreSonus [as most of their 'suggested' uses are with the other companies items].


But more than that, they have a semi-portable [more like stage portable rather than bus] Phone Amp, which has near to 0 Data on it, even in the official item page, the specs are just.. lacking, its called the EC-PMA Personal Monitor Amplifier.


I'd like to hear from you guys what you do and dont know about these little company, and that particular amp. Its rather cheap so i've picked one up and should arrive soon too, i'll let you guys know how it fares against my collection.





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Consider this to be a mini review, since no one replied im guessing no one knows.


Ive bought the PMA, and its an outstanding little amp, i have only 3 other amps for comparsions, and each adds its own characteristics, the PMA however is a much more interesting device, i doubt it has even 0.001% THD distortion, its transparent, what comes in goes out but louder, thats it.


For me thats a huge plus.


I dont know yet what grade/type amp is it so im not sure whats goinon in its insides, but if theres any interest i will check.


I can tell you this, I had huge issues with distortion at loud volumes previously, this amp solved the prob just fine.

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