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For Sale: Stax SRM-T1 - modified

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For Sale:
Stax SRM-T1 - modified

Will Ship To: Anywhere



up for sale is this beauty of a stat amp. I bought it from fellow head-fier padam together with the Lambda Signatures (which you can find here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/709555/stax-lambda-signature-w-latest-generation-earpads )


This amp has been modified in several ways:


Takes ECC99 tubes (like SRM-600 ltd.)

Siltech wiring

New high quality resistors

RCA input only (no pre out) in favor of higher quality RCA sockets


The T1 is in near mint condition, works 100% and sounds marvellous.


To make things clear: I am not selling this because I do not like it, quite the contrary is the case - this is what I consider my personal endgame. The thing is, I am still a student and need money for other things that have become more important. Secondly, I just don't spend enough time with this setup, and that's something that won't change for a long time. It surely wasn't an easy decision to put it up for sale, but here I am and it's your chance to be the new owner.


Bank transfer preferred, PayPal is okay too. I will offer a discount to buyers interested in both the Lambda Signatures and the T1 amp!

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Price drop.

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PM sent

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Originally Posted by quantx View Post

PM sent


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