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So my current GR07 Mk2's have served me superbly for about a year and a half now. The only gripes I have is the issue with appropriate replacement tips, but I have found them great for what has been essentially my 2nd real pair of iems. With the cable now falling apart I need to look for something to replace them. I may get them recabled but would like to step up first.

The points

1) Budget - ~£250 / $350 USD (maybe a bit more but taking into account shipping, possible customs and PayPals awful currency conversion rates)

2) Comfort - I've found the GR07 to be great with both the foams and flange stock tips and the form factor of the shell fits really neatly into my ears.

3) Use - Right now I'm using them a lot, 5 days per week 3+ hours commute on the train to work and back, and another hour on my lunch, when I'm running or at the gym as well. Used to wear them when playing basketball as well (using the foams which were great but obviously got a bit messy after 2 hours a day with them in), but right now because of work not really.

4) Source - Flac on my little SansaClip+ or Google Music on the Galaxy S3

5) Music - Near enough anything, lots of mashups, hiphop, rock my libary is very varied.

Now I really like the sound of these, but obviously there's iems which can be better at both ends of the spectrum and one thing I have with the GR07s is the lower bass isn't deep enough to what I'd prefer but I don't want to comprise just for that.

I've been giving some thought to CIEMs (Noble 3C, Custom Art One), obviously budgetary restrictions limit to the entry level of CIEMs available, and the signature will be different to these, but my main reasoning for CIEM is because of my caution to comfort and form factor in respect to use etc. And I wouldn't have to worry about getting new tips unlike with these GR07s!

Then there are universals which well where to start, as above I want a step up in sound but comfort and fit for my uses is on par with the step in sound quality. Obviously its kind of hard to gauge how certain iems will suit me without giving them a go which I respect. I had some Shures before having the GR07s so they were a pleasent surprise when I got them and how comfy and fitted they were. The new JVC FX850s are on the top end (£££) of my list, the new T-PEOS, the new Dunu DN-2000 when they arrive could well be a contendor as well.

Thanks for any advice in advance.