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Genuine high-end is not happening for me, not in this lifetime I'm afraid.

I've been listening to one of my favourite albums tonight, Magic & Loss by Lou Reed and, I can honestly say, I've never heard it sound better. That'll do me.

For now.
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Originally Posted by davidsh View Post

Yet, most people tend to agree on what's hi-fi, mid-fi, etc. In my opinion k701 is mid-fi, not that it matters much really.

Amping q701 is a little tough, as it's fairly insensitive and not high nor low impedance - making many tube amps not optimal, though some are still good with enough output... Many tube hybrids and solid states with decent power will probably do fine as well.
Agreed about the k701.
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Originally Posted by Zorrofox View Post

I think I'd like a better amp though. I'm using the Fiio E18 and there's no problem with volume level but I think the sound could be smoother. Only today I tried the Q's connected to my Marantz PM6004 and they were far smoother and if anything produced more detail. Generally integrated stereo amps don't have the best headphone outputs. That's playing the same files but from my Mac mini via a cheap plastic £30 DAC.

I've read that their are various ways that integrated amps/receivers integrate headphone output, and some are better than others. So nice to hear that the Marantz is driving them well for you smily_headphones1.gif

And congrats on the new headphones. I liked them a lot when I demoed them. Only I have a little bit of tinnitus,and the particular emphasis of the highs on the Q701s irritated it. Otherwise, I would have kept them for their marvelously unique sound.
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