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Stolen headphones

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I think the TSA may have stolen my HD 419 headphones. I checked a bag on my flight from Baltimore to Atlanta. When I got to the hotel, I found this note and the headphones were missing. I never considered the possibility of this happening until now.
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That's insane looks like we have a lawsuit in our hands.
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I never pack anything of value on flights, trains, buses.

Anything of value is in my carry-on shoulder bag, and no where else.

For the USA it's extreme - the only items in my luggage are clothing, nothing else.

No electronics, toiletries, papers - nothing.
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Wear your headphones through security.  I've taken my Mad Dogs on several flights and worn them the ENTIRE time either on my head or around my neck.  TSA will hire anyone without a rap sheet.  Not all criminals have had the opportunity to get caugh/reported.  Man I want to spit on your behalf OP :(

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Originally Posted by Binge View Post

 TSA will hire anyone...

TSA detained a guy for possession of 'Bitcoins.'



Sorry OP. **** like this is infuriating.

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