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Help me find IEM's for basshead around $500 that will work with a wide variety of music

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First of all, I really appreciate this forum a lot and have done a lot of reading before posting my question. But I am still a bit confused, perhaps I didn't read enough, so feel free to point me in the right direction. Here's my story:


Had Monster's Turbine Gold till one of the earbuds split in half. I liked those earbuds but microphonics were horrible. As good as the sound was, I couldn't strand microphonics. Also, I cant remember for sure, but I think they didn't even isolate external sounds as well as my Klipsch S4..


Monster miles davis trumpet earbuds simply don't fit my ears as I have small ears. So this is of a concern for me. 


Just a few days ago I've started to listen to my music with a flat EQ and I was very surprised to find out that I really loved the way everything sounded, even though I have a piece of junk skull candy earbuds I've picked up at the airport. I am not saying I love the way those earbuds sound, because I dont, but I love the flat EQ a lot. I also used to have Etymotics that I've bought from Best Buy a long time ago and those sounded very detailed, I absolutely loved those, but they lacked bass. 


I listen to all kinds of gernes of music, from opera to techno, rap, etc....I love music and have a very sensitive ear to it, but I also love to have plenty of bass. Perhaps as I grow older, I will begin to scale down on bass, but for now, I still like it a lot. 


To summarize:


1. IEM's small enough to fit small ears

2. Plenty of bass

3. Good isolation

4. Least amount of microphonics

5. Price up to $500 with some exceptions perhaps. 

6. I don't have to have an amp as I want the most portability I can get. 


As for my music source, I have Sansa Clip and my Galaxy s3 phone. Thats all for now...So if you have suggestions for me, I would be more than happy to hear it. 

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stagediver sd-3. There's also the sd-2, which isn't really a downgrade, but rather a different take on sound signature. The sd-2 isn't bass light, but still neutral. The sd-3 is the sd-2 + extra bass driver. There's a pic somewhere in around here in headfi that shows it fitting on a lady with small ears.


Also, your ears probably isn't as small as you think. The trumpets have the driver in the nozzle, so that's why it's thick and unsuited for small ear canals. The majority of iems should fit you, just use the small tips.


Since you love etymotics, just make sure you stay away from the westone um3x/um pro 30. And also probably earsonics since they get compared with each other so much. The um pro 30 that i had definitely had the bass and smooth treble, but the upper mids were extremely recessed. (which is the etymotic's strenght)


There are tons of other offerings, and even good customs in your price range.

You should ask joker. post in this thread and read reviews!:


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Thanks for pointing in the right direction. I am sure I've read over that guide some time ago, I'll read it again and pay more attention. 

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First of all, I think I should narrow it down to whether I want a custom in ear or a universal in ear. I am leaning towards universals since I do mostly construction types of jobs and sometimes I need to pull the earbuds out. I am assuming that customs take longer to insert and remove from the ear.


Another thing, since I really don't know my preference in terms of a sound signature, would you suggest I try out a balanced set or a warm and smooth? I know it told you I like bass but I also want to be able to hear everything else as well.

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Warm and smooth is the safest route to take. Oh by the way, the stagedivers i mentioned are actually universals. They just look like customs. The sd-2 is the warm and smooth version, while the sd-3 is the sub-bass boosted one. From the reviews i've read though, the sd-3 doesn't drown out the details since the bass is boosted on the sub bass.


Also, customs are much much effortless to put in and out. If you noticed, customs don't have tips. You just simply pop them in and they're automagically sealed. So it's actually the opposite case. Universals are harder to put in because of the tips and seal.


The only thing you gotta worry about is to make sure you keep your ears clean or the molds will turn yellow.

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Originally Posted by fnkcow View Post

Check out the new JVC HA-FX850

Those are some interesting iem's. I'll read about them. Is the best source to get any iem's from their makers?

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as long as the dealer is authorized, it doesn't usually make a difference.

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