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I had a problem with one of the tubes on my Little Dot MKIII after a week of use. I let David at Little Dot know about this. Just prior to my tube problem I purchased some extra tubes to try. After a couple of days the new tubes were tried. I have after a day of "tube rolling" I settled on a pair of Hytron JHY-6AK5 tubes and they sound super, I mean really nice. I also discovered that a new pair of Grado 325i's have now become my favorite cans. I have 2 sets of planner's HE-400 and Audeze LCD2 and I favor the 325's. Maybe it's the amp but I hear sounds with the Grado's I don't hear with other cans.


Back to the original post, Dave sent a new pair of tubes even though I didn't ask him too. Thanks Dave. Very nice customer service.

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