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creative sound blaster ZXR

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hey guys, i just have a quick question i need answered from someone that owns one of these cards before i pull the trigger and buy one

so the thing comes with two cards and some kind of daughter board thing, im going to be using the soundcard with the external volume box for use with a straight up pair of stereo headphones none of that surround sound stuff and ant lion mod mic wich for those of you that might now know is just a boom mic that you can stick onto your high end cans rather than using a cheap crappy gaming headset, the mic itself has a standard 3.5mm jack connection


so my question is can i just use the main part of the souncard for my intentended use or do i have to install the daughter board aswell?

if i can just use the main card without the daughter board is there any penalty in audio playback quality? as in will i lose use of the amp or anything like that


the reason i ask is because my PC case has a rather large side window and i have seen a few pictures of the card installed and i think it looks abit messy

thanks guys :)

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The daughterboard is for recording, you wont need to use it in your setup. Not having it will have zero impact on SQ.


I just installed mine and there wasn't any way I could install the DB and ribbon cable without it looking ugly so I just went with the main card and chucked the rest in the big box of spare parts.

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thanks alot :) this makes me very happy


i read tons of reviews on it and i knew the daughter board was for recording but i couldnt find anything that said if you could use the card without it or not so again thank you

i just ordered it :)



have you tested out the built in mic on the control pod at all? because i was just thinking if its any good i wont bothing buying the mod mic

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