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Amp for Sennheiser HD600

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I am in the market for an amp for my hd600. Two candidates on my list right now are: violectric v90, mapletree Ear+HD(this is really the upper bound of my budget). I've only read a couple of reviews here and there and has no chance to really try any of these. Personally, I would prefer a smooth and warm sound. Any suggestion out there? Thank you in advance.

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Consider the Lehmann Audio Linear as well. It's my favorite amp for a long time.
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Just picked up a Schiit Lyr and like it quite a lot a few days in, through HD650s, which are very similar to the '600s overall. Still burning it in but the results have been excellent. The soundstage grew from "headphones" to "music hall" while retaining the neutrality all owners of the higher-end Sennheisers know and love. Everything is bigger, more expansive, more detailed and clearer. And at 6 watts, it has enouigh clean power that it's easy to get way too loud before your ears tell you to back off, which is a mixed blessing. IOW there's enough power overhead that the amp isn't straining to do its job and distorting.


 The best I ever heard from my '650s was through a Cary Audio 300SEI, but that is way, way out of my price range for a headphone amp. Lovely, lovely tube sound done right. 

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Burson Soloist, Soloist SL. Authoritative bass (something I find the NuForce HDP distorts with) and midrange is a little too warm for my tastes but well at least it's smooth (ie doesn't sound harsh, but personally if it's not in the recording even an analytical amp will sound smooth, whereas a bad recording will make a neutral amp sound harsh).

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