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So I am trying to combine 2 of my favorite things to do.. watch movies and workout on my elliptical machine.  Its an hour a day that I want to not think about work.


Right now, I have a pair of Grado RS1's hooked up to Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 amp which is connected RCA stereo to a headphone out jack on the back of the TV (using a Monster conversion cable RCA stereo to headphone jack).  The Direct TV box only has optical Out.


The problem I have is the Grados use a black sponge ear pad that when it gets wet, starts to deteriorate and comes off on my ears.

I was wondering if there are Grado pads made of leather or rubber or some type of water resistant material?  I guess I could always go to a Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones or something like that?  or maybe go to a HiFi Man He400 or He500 that would have a synthetic ear pad?


I am also wondering if there is a product to convert the Coax digital out to RCA stereo to feed my Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 amp?


Looking at various areas to improve the sound....