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Headphones under $200

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Hello Head-Fi’ers,

I have been looking for new headphones lately. I do not know very much about headphones, so I need help. My budget is 200$ (some more is possible, if it is really worth it).  The genres I listen to are mainly hiphop, but I listen to a wide variety of other genres too. I have searched the internet and Head-Fi for good options for me. I think the following headphones could be good for me, but which one should I choose? And should I get an amp with them?

- Beyerdynamic DT 770 80 Ohm

- Beyerdynamic Custom one pro

- Sennheiser HD-380

- Shure SRH840

- Monster DNA pro over-ear

- Alpha Design Labs ADL-H118 (by Furutech)

- Akg k550

- Crossfade m-100

- Sony MDR-1r

NAD VISO HP50              

- Akg k701

- Audio-technica: ATH-ESW9A,

- Audio-technica a900x


thanks in advance for the help!

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Beyerdynamic cop will be the best for you, as it is great for hip hop, but can easily handle other genres and will need no amp
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Thanks for your advice! I'm trying to get them to listen to them for a while. Also, I forgot to mention a pair of headphones: audio-technica ATH-M50(x). Might they be a better option or do you still recommend the COPs? 

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I don't think the m50 will give you the bass (I think) you want (at least I always like a somewhat bassy headphone for hip hop)
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I think I will go for the COPs then, but I have to listen to them first of course. Made my local music-store order them for me to listen :)

Thanks for your help!

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