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Versatile Headset & Amplifier for all Applications

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  • Budget - £300
  • Uses - 45% music - 35% gaming - 20% movies
  • Source - Desktop, Mp3 Player, Smartphone, PS3, Xbox 360
  • Requirements for Isolation - I need isolation from the noise of my 8 year-old sister and to make sure she doesn't hear what I'm listening to
  • Preferred Type of Headphone - I would like something portable but also full-sized, if that's possible
  • Preferred tonal balance - Neutral, warm, clear, as little sibilance as possible
  • Past headphones - No experience with high quality headphones. I've always used in-earphones
  • Preferred Music - Heavy Metal, Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop, Alternative
  • Location - Ireland (EU/UK)
  • Other information - I don't mind paying £150-ish for the headphones and then another £150-ish for a portable desktop amp/DAC
  • Headsets in mind (Headphones) - Beyerdynamic DT 770/880/990 Pro, PSB M4U1, AKG K550, Audio Technica ATH-M50, AD700X, Sony MDR-7506, V-Moda Crossfade M-100, Grado SR225is
  • Headsets in mind (Gaming Headsets) - Beyerdynamic MMX300, Logitech G930, Astro A40/50, Steelseries H Wireless, Sennheiser PC 363D, Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510


So although I'm not new to audio, I am unsure on what to do. I need a new set of headphones for gaming on my PC, 360 and PS3; listening to music, both on the go and at home; and watching movies. I have a budget of around £300. My computer does not have a dedicated sound card, but it does have a decent inbuilt sound chip and software.


I would like something relatively portable, reliable, comfortable, sound isolating, neutral and clear in its sonic signature, surround sound, and versatile for a variety of different applications. I am a guitarist who is very loyal to tube amplifiers, but I also want something compact. The two units I'm looking at are the Aune T1 for my desktop and FiiO E12 for my portable unit.


If I've missed anything then let me know.

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My first quality headphone was the ATH M50, and I simply loved it. It sounded great with my E11. However, (if I remember correctly) its sound signature was slightly cold. Also, how important is sturdiness?
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I want to give these headphones to my kids. Ruggedness is very important to me. They don't have to be aluminium. Plastic is fine. It's just I would prefer to buy from a company like Beyerdynamic who have been building quality headphones for a long time. I'm not 'up' on many other companies. I trust AKG from their instrument microphones and I've used Sennheiser before.

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Yeah, you gotta be careful with Sennheiser. Their headphones are good, don't get me wrong, but the cords on most of their mid-tier models are quite frail.
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I've had issues with my UE700 in-earphones' cable. The 3.5mm jack has detached from the cable. The 'phones still work, but they're so delicate that I don't take them out really any more.


Any more opinions? Although I'm set on a closed-ear design for noise isolation, it seems that most of the better sounding units, for both gaming and music, have open ear cans. The DT 770's seem perfect if the bass was just reduced slightly.

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