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Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Pro

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I recently broke my old Studio's and I'm now looking for a new headphone. I usely use it during my workout, when im travling to work and when Im dancing. I really liked the wireless part but I also want a good sound. As a dancer I also want a good looking headphone with a decent sound(it doesnt have to be the best of best). I use my mobilephone to play my music through(currently a Samsung S3). The reason I'm looking into the Beats is because of the design and in my opinion the sound is decent. So I'm wondering which one is better and which one is more comfy. I'm also open to other suggestions with a good explanation that is. Thanks for the help!


English isnt my native language so I apologize in advance.

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I actually just bought these headphones from work today.  I get a very good price on them so they were well worth it for me, however the MSRP is too high on them.


If you're an audio enthusiast, i'd say these have the sound quality of the $200-250 sector when compared to hi-fi equipment.


They don't provide the most accurate sound, so they should never be used as monitors but they're fun headphones that have thumping bass and good detail.  They're convenient and the build quality is nice.  I got the Matte Black and they're classy looking headphones.  Most beats look awful and gawdy, but definitely not the matte black.  I'd even argue they're one of the better looking phones I've ever owned.


I pair mine with a mobile phone and it sounds great.  The battery life is nice and the fit is comfortable.  I owned the Beats Solo HD Wireless before this one and they're not even close.  This one I consider near  or right around audiiophile quality.  The other ones weren't even close.


I can offer your more feedback if you're looking for it, but this should answer most of your questions.


Again, the sound quality is not worthy of $375, but they're beats so they're going to get marked up.  In my opinion, they're definitely good value at around $250-300.  The extra price you pay is basically just the markup for the brand name.

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I started shopping for headphones in February and have gone through alot of pairs of beats headphones to finally end up with the Beats Pros all red (Lil Wayne edition).

I started with the solo hd then the Mixr then the studio then the studio wireless then finally settled with the Pros.

Im a basshead and I love feeling the music and while the studios sounded great, they weren't satisfying me 100%. They distort at high volume levels as opposed to the pros which have 50mm drivers and I max out the volume and they still hold up well and the sound leak is very minimum!

The studios have the comfort going for them as opposed to the pros, they fit tight and hurt your ears after about 1/2 hour of listening to them. So taking breaks every so often helps. What I do is that I stretch mine out when not in use by placing them open over the retail box.

Was it worth the $400? No, but then again i got them cheaper at best buy by using my rewards certs I had accumulated so I got them fairly cheap.

It all comes down to your taste of music and the sound you're trying achieve. Its all personal choice and once you have the chance to compare them you'll make your decision based on your needs.

Hopefully this helps.

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Anyone in australia interested with beats studio v2.0 wireless?


Check this out.:)



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