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Originally Posted by StratocasterMan View Post

I really enjoy everyone's comments about Dylan because it helps me evaluate the best versions of the early stuff.


However, it seems everyone is just focused on the early Dylan stuff. Granted, many folks consider that to be his "golden era," but there is so much more to explore about Dylan.


I actually adore some of his later stuff. For example, I think "Love & Theft," "Time Out Of Mind," and "Modern Times" stand up to his earlier albums.


All of the old-school Dylan fans seem to dismiss those three, but I don't agree.


I think they are three of his best records.


I don't think the more recent Dylan stuff ever gets the respect it deserves. Just because "Highway 61 Revisted" was soooo great, it doesn't diminish from "Love & Theft" for me at all.


Hi StratocasterMan,


In my case, I do not dismiss the more recent Dylan albums, it is only that I try to explore Dylan chronologically.


Thanks for your comments,



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Here is a link to very recent article in Rolling Stone discussing 1980's Dylan - by far the most dismissed period of his long career. Compared to beating Dylan's 1980s recordings received from the critics, Dylan's work from the last 20 years (1994 to the present) is absolutely loved by the critics.



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There are a lot of bands that are re-treading. Like Led Zeppelin. They're re-releasing old crap.


Bob Dylan never took that route. He still has the guts to keep releasing new stuff, even at his age.


Zeppelin has been dead for years, but Dylan isn't....

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There is not even one mention of "Tempest" in this thread. It's actually a very decent album and the title track is a very fine song with excellent lyrics.

There are several mentions of Mobile Fidelity versions (reissues) and I have to tell you guys that I can't get my head around the vinyl ones at all. For example "The Basement Tapes" is not that great an original recording in sound quality but has whatever life sucked out by the MFSL reissue. It's just diabolical. "Blood on the tracks" is pretty bad also, despite rave reviews in hifi mags and by Fremer. The original vinyl just thrashes the MSFL reissue. Just one man's opinion of course.

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