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Hi Everyone,


I've read reviews and specs for the Fiio X3 DAP 'til my eyeballs are ready to fall out and I'm still uncertain about exactly which file formats it might NOT support. I wonder if anyone here knows.


Specifically, I have a large number of WMAs ripped from CD that are, I think, "lossy" and lower quality. I know, not ideal, but that's what I have - my aim has been more to run higher-quality gear with higher quality-sources at home, and take as much of my music with me as I can fit when I'm on the road. Since I faithfully stuck with Sansa players, storage capacity was not huge. Therefore, lower quality files. Everything I have digitized is WMA, and the bitrates are between 100 and 200 kbps (looks like 128, 192). 


So - will the Fiio X3 even play these "lossy" formats? And if so, will it make them sound worse, not better? 


Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer this.