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Just a hello!

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Hey guys, long time lurker here!


Sorry to waist your time reading this, its time you will not get back.... but here is my reason for being here!


My earliest memories of loving music was listening to Michale Jackson and Beach Boys albums as a small child, my mom always told me I would spend hours listing to Bad and Thriller. In my teen years I was obsessed with getting the best walkmans and cassettes my allowance would get me, it wasn't much but most of my salary working at the groceries store went towards music and my gear. My ears have always been sensitive to good sounding music, and I cared so much more about the quality than everyone around me... I never knew there was a name for what my love was.


Now I am 36, living in Central California with my beautiful wife and 3 lovely teens. My passion for good music never went away, just the time to spend on it. Now I want to restart my "lost" hobby and truly enjoy the Godly sounds that makes music the emotional experience it should be.


I hope I can convince my kids that quality matters while I am at it as well...

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Welcome to head fi!

Sorry about your wallet tongue.gif
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