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I have had the MC3's for about a year now and I love the way they sound. I use them everyday at work and today when I was swapping the ear tips the left ear came apart in my hand. Apparently its all glued together and while I will try to repair it, I am not very optimistic so I am looking for a replacement. I really want something with flat response as I listen to a lot of different types of music.


Here is my list of requirements.


- Sub $100, but could go over if they are worth it.

- Less cord noise than my mc3's

- Volume and play/pause buttons, don't care too much about a mic.

- Flat response similar to my MC3's

- More durable than MC3's

- Decent Noise isolation


I would really appreciate any suggestions as my searching has turned up more options than I really have time to sift through at this time. The cord noise is a biggie, as this was a real problem with my etymotics.


Thanks in advance to anyone who posts.

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