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IEM's, 100$-200$ budget, recommendations?

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Hey all,


i've been a passive member for a long time but would appreciate your help here..


I think i've outgrown my Klipsch S4 earbuds.. 

They just don't seem to please me anymore.. The bass seems sometimes too heavy, the higher levels aren't clear enough.. and since i've been watching movies and listening to a lot of music on my home theater setup - i find the lack of soundstage in the earbuds frustrating sometimes. (I apologize in advance if my description is lacking or wrong with the tech terms - i just write what I feel and think fits - I am no audiophile).


But i still need headphones that are versatile enough for my uses:

* I commute about 2 hours a day on bus and need good isolation from the noises outside - this is most of the time I use headphones.

* I listen to different types of music but i guess most are either alternative and classic rock and some more new stuff which are a little on the bass side of sound.

* Sources used most common are a Nexus 5 smartphone, an Ipad and a Macbook Pro - don't use amps and don't plan on buying one in the near future (I do have a Traktor Audio 2 which I didn't try using for listening to music - is that recommended at all?)


I currently have two sets of headphones - the Klipsch I mentioned before and a pair of Sennheiser HD280 which i use mostly at home when i don't feel like using IEMs.. Bought them about 8 years ago for listening while playing the guitar but since then they kinda became my go-to for anything at home because of lack of alternatives :)


I really like the fit of the Klipsch - i think its great and isolates fine for my needs.. I had the chance to try the Sennheiser IE80's and didn't like the fit too much - tried all the types of tips that came with it.


I don't wish to spend too much money so im going for the 100-200$ budget.. obviously less is better but I don't mind spending the upper part of the budget if I get something which is worth it.


After reading many reviews I have my eyes on the Hifiman RE-400 but have nowhere to try them so I don't know if the less-bassy sound would bother me coming from the Klipsch which I understand from the reviews is bass-heavy (on the other hand - I don't feel I really need bass focused gear - I think with the years I came to a point I appreciate accuracy of sound and clearness more than bass - and I don't listen to too much dubstep as I used too lol).


I don't listen on max volumes - generally prefer isolation and lower volume.


Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.. 


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The ie80 didn't fit me that well either. In fact I went through about a half dozen iem's before I found what I have now...the vsonic gr07be. They're the only iem that I know of that has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to to rotate the armature for both fit and tweaking the signature. 


The gr07mkii and bass edition offer similar signatures with the bass edition of course have a slight tilt towards the sub bass. The standard edition will be more neutral but still has wonderful bass IMO. 


The standard edition is no longer being produced and has been replaced but can still be found used here. The Bass edition is still being offered by lendmeurears.

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