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For Sale:
SRH1540 Mint Shipping to US

Will Ship To: CONUS, Korea

Mint condition SRH1540(meaning no scratches, has original box and everything).

It was a pair that I used for this review:


I'm selling them because I recently concluded that I use iems 90% of the time, and had no good reason to keep a full sized hp. Wonderful headphones. I really love them, but I just don't use them often. I'm planning on getting a new iem.


I'm asking for $380, including paypal fee and shipping. This is a sweet price.


*I'm in Korea currently. I will ship the SRH1540 out on the 24th or the 25th(for US buyers). If you are in Korea by any chance, we can meet and I can hand over my 1540 directly(I can take off $10 if you live in Korea).