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DT770 32ohm, Shure SRH940 or ATH-A900x?

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So, I am looking for the best closed back headphones for both gaming and music.


What I require for gaming is simply good soundstage and positional audio. Isolation is VERY important since I am in a noisy environment. This is the primary reason why I want to change my HD598.


For music, I love my HD598, so I would like something similar to it, I don't need overwhelming bass but I do like clear vocals. The music I listen to varies GREATLY, so overall it has to be good for everything. I like movies but really, as long as I can understand what is being said, I would be happy. I don't understand anything in a movie or music with cheap headphones or speakers...


Also, I like to carry my headphones to other places, such as LAN or friends. Usually I am very careful, but I would still like something that is not cheap.


Any other suggestions are also welcome, I think those 3 are as good as it gets for closed-back headphones that dont leak sound though, right? or is there any headset that can provide amazing sound like those mentionned? Plantronics GameComm Commander? I don't really have a budget, just something resonnably priced. If there is anything be

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Searching a bit, I heard there are many people that have issues with the comfort of the A900x. Comfort is also important to me...Also headphones that wont make me sweat. Also, I forgot to mention the AKG K550 are also an option.


If I were to rank what I want from most important to the least :


- Overall clear sound, for all genre. I listen to pretty much anything.

- Isolation

- Soundstage

- Comfort

- Durability

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I recommend Beyer 770 32ohm with velour pads. 

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Is there a reason as to why? What do they bring over the others? I know each of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but what in particular makes those headphones a better choice?

As for the velour pads, are they all the same or should I look for some specific ones? or are they OEM velour pads?

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Not speaking from experience here, but I've heard that the AKG K550 sounds very open for a closed-back headphone. You should try reading about it.

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I only know 770's. And I think they are great all-rounders. But let's think: What kind of sound signature are you looking?  

I will try to help you a little bit.




Shure 940 is known for weak bass, great mid range (vocals), and great detail level. There is a good review:



Beyerdynamic DT770, which I own, is known for good bass response, nice but a little recessed midrange (recession is even more on 80ohm version) and little peaky treble. But overall balance is very very good, micro details are exceptional. Soundstage is very good for a closed headphone. I only own 32 ohm version. Comfort level is good, but 32ohm version comes with leather pads. These pads make your ear sweaty. But with velour pads they are great (and yes all the velour pads are same in DT line). Build quality is better than Shure 940. I can't compare the comfort and the sound because I never tried the Shure's, but 770 is cheaper, sturdier, also customizable. You can stretch the headband and make them very comfy. All parts are replacable. 80ohm version has lots of bass. I don't recommend 80 ohm. Here's the review:


(The 32 ohm version of this headphone was limited edition, but now it's in production with "dt770 pro 32ohm" name)


Now, ath-a900x. I don't know anything about this headphone I'm afraid. You can search and read the reviews.


I tried the AKG K550 in a shop. And I really liked them. Vocals were exceptional. Very musical , a bit coloured headphone. Treble is a bit rolled off. They are comfortable. But they are on the big side, especially earcups are quite big. This results with a "big sound" of course. Bass is not weak or very strong, just what I like. I'm not sure about AKG's build quality, I didn't like the headband design. It's suspectible. These can't compete with Beyer build for sure.



I repeat, I think DT770 32ohm is the best. It's just my personal opinion.

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You didn't mentioned any sound signature preference by the way, so you must take a good balanced headphone that can carry different genres. Shure 940 will not give you a good bass response for some genres, so I think you shouldn't think about buying them. If you like vocals you can take K550, nice headphone, but if build quality is at the top of your list, you need to go with Beyer's.


EDIT: Vocals are not bad on the 770. Very clear. But not upfront or agressive. If you especially like female vocals, Sony MDR-1R is also a great choice. I dont know any headphone like that good when it comes to vocals. 

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