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Headphone Advice (HD650 / HE400 / AlphaDogs / TH-600)

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Good morning Guys,


I'm looking at getting a set of headphones for use at home and in the office.


They will be used with Laptop or iDevices (mainly iPad4 and Touch 5G) into a Centrance HiFi M8 with SE and 4 pin XLR output.


I have owned the HD650 before and loved them and qould quite happily get another set of these with a Balanced cable. However I wondered how the other headphones in the title would compare and whether they would improve on the HD650? Alternative options at the moment consist of the AlphaDogs and TH-600. I've also heard good things about the HE400 but just a bit worried about the weight of these as I believe they can sit quite heavy on the head?


My musical tastes are quite varied and include pretty much everything from the 60's throught to present day, including a lot of female vocal stuff. Dont really listen to classical or opera so we can take that out of the equation.


I like fairly balanced headphones that can produce vocals well and have a strong bass slam (for when its in the music). 


What are your guys opinions on the cans I have mentioned and in fact are there any other recommendations? Ideally they will be used with a balanced 4 pin XLR termination.




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Nobody has tried at least two of these headphones against each other??

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If you want a fairly neutral headphone get another HD650 but if you really like bass get the HE-400, that and a lot of treble is what you will get, the typical V shaped FR.

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There is a new version of the HE400 about to be released that is much lighter: http://www.head-fi.org/t/698831/fresh-outta-ces-the-hifiman-he-400i-and-he-560


Will have to wait to see what they sound like.

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