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Headphones for watching movies, gaming, and music

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Hello Head-Fi community!


I have been doing a lot of research and looking at reviews and opinions on different types of headphones and have honestly been getting very frustrated from the diversity of opinion and variety that headphones have to offer. Overall, I would mostly use these headphones for watching movies and shows with gaming and listening to music on the side.


A couple of the many things that I have been confused about are


-monitoring vs regular headphones <-- Do I even need to worry about this topic?


-corded headphones via headphone jack vs corded headphone via usb vs wireless headphones


An explanation of the difference in sound quality between these categories would be very helpful, and some suggestions would be appreciated. Also, I wanted to know if movie based headphones can be used for gaming and vice versa.


If I have a budget, it would be under $200, but more preferably under $150, I do not mind a wired cord, and a mic would be a plus. Use of headphones will be at home, in my room.



Ex: HD 360 Sennheiser

- This is just an example of where I am as to what I think I may want in a headphone.


Thank you, Sincerely Bromar

      Sorry if I sound a bit scattered, after looking for headphones for a while today, I kind of am.

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As you aren't using it for monitoring, don't worry about that.

I'm not familiar with wireless. My understanding is that you need to keep them charged, so battery life is an issue.

Do you need isolation from outside noises? (I don't know how loud it is where you live.) That would help determine whether to buy an open or closed model.

Have you looked at: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-update-2-20-2014-boompro-list-chicoloms-faq-added?

Some initial suggestions: HD558, HD598, Q701 but it partly depends on what sort of music you listen to.
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Monitoring headphones mean that the headphone will have a neutral and revealing sound signature. You don't really need to worry about it since a lot of people prefer balanced sound signatures (like me) while others prefer bass-heavy phones. It's all about preference.


You shoudn't really need to worry about the cord type. Though wireless types usually have degraded sound quality. And usb types aren't usually meant for any audiophiles. It's best to stick to regular 6.5/3.5mm types.


The best kind of headphones for movies/gaming are open headphones since they have wide soundstage and generally have balanced sound signatures. To me, the soundstage improves immersion. However, open headphones tend to lack bass (with a very few exceptions that are over your budget) and they leak out sound, though it shouldn't really matter since you're just in your room. So unless you really like your bass/explosions, go with an open headphone.


I suggest phones like these:



sony ma900

philips x1 (over your budget, but has plenty of bass. try to find them used maybe)

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I read your post when you first posted it and did not acknowledge that your info was really helpful. 

So sorry about this un-excusable late reply, But....



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