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For Sale: Dsnuts Garage sale II

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Dsnuts Garage sale II

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have too many phones that I don't use anymore. All my gears are in perfect working condition as I take care of everything I own. My sale items will be shipped out to whomever buys the item first. paypal, US/ Canada sale preferred. The list goes like this





ATH-CKM33      $40

ATH-CKM77       $80

ATH-CKM99        $100

ATH-CKN50        $40

ATH-CKN70        $60

ATH-CKS1000     $150


JVC-FXD70        $50

JVC-FXD80        $65

JVC-FXZ100       $120

JVC-FXZ200        $150


Sony XB90EX         $80

Sony XBA-3           $100

RHA MA750         $100




Ultasone DJ1           $130

Ultrasone HFI-780    $150

Denon DN-HP700     $80

AKG-K545                $180

Sony MDR-1R silver  $175

ATH-A900X              $150

ATH-AD900X            $170

Samson SR850         $40

Creative Aurvana Live  $60

Somic EFI-82MT         $40

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Couldn't you have posted this a day earlier before I spent my money on a Mikros?!


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Make me an offer. This is just what I would like to sell them for but I can negotiate.

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