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Earbud reccomendations?

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I'm relatively new to better sound quality. I use to use Skull Candy and now I know what I was missing out on.


I bought a pair of Klipsch Image S4 - II Black In-Ear Headphones about 5-6 months ago and I loved them.


Rescently, the right earbud stopped working and I've been having difficulty getting in contact with Klipsch for the warranty claim.


I tend to be very impatient and I'm thinking about just buying a new pair or upgrading completely.


Unfortunately, I am a college student and don't have the funds to purchase anything to expensive.


Is there anything better or just as good as the Klipsch Image S4 -II Black In-Ear Headphones?


My budget would be about $100, but I can go over a small amount.


I'm open to over the ear headphones as well. I was actually looking into a pair these:


Are they worth the money?


Thanks in advance

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I'd highly recommend the vsonic gr07mkii or the bass edition if you want a slight tilt towards more sub bass. They have a wonderful neutral signature, adjustable nozzles and really hard to find fault with. The gr07mkii was recently d/c so you'd only be able to get it used. The Bass edition is still being produced though. 

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If you want to try out a more balanced sound signature, you can go for the re400
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If i'm not wrong, its an IEM.

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Well, he was talking about his klipsch s4, so I just went ahead with an item recommendation, which tend to be better than on-ears in bang/buck.
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Yeah, the pair I had were IEM's.

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Originally Posted by b0000 View Post

If you want to try out a more balanced sound signature, you can go for the re400

Are there anything with a darker color? I prefer black for color. I tend to be a little picky with the style.

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go for the soundmagics E10 worth every penny, only $35
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Hi! Can I ask for help? I wan to replace my Shure SE215 SPE with something better.. Budget around $200 with my Ipad Mini.. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :)

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Amazon accepted an exchange with my Klipsch earbuds. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I'll definitely be looking into them.

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