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Like the title states I am looking into improving my setup that I just started to build for myself.  This is my current setup:


iPhone 4s - I use Flac format to listen to my music that I have.  In order to do this on the iPhone I use the AmpliFlac app.

FiiO E11 - This was a recent purchase as in two days ago.  Was considering to get the FiiO X3 , but after looking around here for some time I found this to be a better bang for my budget.  With the use of AmpliFlac and the E11 I could not believe the improvement, and happy I listened to the opinions here.

Bose IE2 - Not a major crowd pleaser here it seems, but I have to say I agree.  I have always felt it was lacking, but the comfort it gives was hard to say no to.  I wear these things an average of 8 - 10 hrs a day.


I have been looking at with all the suggestion on here in the SE215s, and the GR07 classics.  The GR07 seem the best option of the two between many here.  My question is how does the classics compare to the SE215?  I have found many between the previous versions, but kinda left me unclear with the classics, and the threads I have read.  Any help in finalizing my decision would be great.


Oh, types of music I listen to is endless.  I have no set genre, and I listen to whatever the mood strikes me at the time.


Thanks in advance.