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For Sale:
FS: Yamaha HP-1

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Up for sale my vintage Yamaha HP-1. They were still NOS a year ago when I got them. They have seen about a 100 hours of playing so they're just broken in. They're in perfect shape, work 100% and come with their original box. As the connoisseurs will know, these are extremely rare, especially in this shape and with the original packaging.


They are the rare black box anisotropic version, not the white sintered:

"There are certain HP-1s with a slightly different driver. These were sold in black, rather than silver, boxes and have anisotropic magnets, which appear to be the normal ferrite discs used in most HP-1s but with thin, perforated iron or steel plates attached to the outer surfaces of the driver, which very much resembles the later YH-100 driver but is a couple of dB less efficient. There was no model change on the headphones themselves, just the appropriate change in the magnet specification, and the sensitivity (efficiency) showed a 2dB gain (see below-- also note that the service manual gives only the sensitivity of the Anisotropic model)."


Here's the final price a similar unit sold at two years ago (yes they are that rare...)


You won't see one of those before a long time...


I'm kinda new over here but my ebay account under the username twistingcrow shows more than 110 transactions and 100% positive feedback so no worries there, I'm a stand-up guy.

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