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Advice on Purchasing Headphones

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I know that similar questions have been posed numerous times, but I wanted a more personal question-and-answer, so I apologize for the redundancy ahead of time.


I have not owned any sort of headphones in around 4 or 5 years, and I decided that it would benefit my lifestyle to own a pair again. I want to buy some that are of higher quality as opposed to cheap iPhone headphones or such.


I have recently been looking at a number of moderately priced headphones, but I am completely lost when it comes to specifications and audio jargon. I figured that I should turn to a community with far more expertise than myself.


The primary functions these headphones will serve will be: listening to music through iPhone, and occasionally laptop, playing video games through PC, PS4 and PS3, if possible, and predominantly PS Vita. I don't ride public transportation often, so keeping quiet is not of paramount importance, though I would like to enjoy gaming or music in public areas such as my university or my house with other people present in the room.


I would prefer full headphones rather than earbuds, as earbuds hurt after minimal usage. I don't know well enough to say whether on-ear or over-ear would be preferable.


The main factor by which I am judging these prospective headphones, unfortunately, would likely be price; I am willing to spend around 100 US dollars at the maximum, and I would prefer to purchase them from Amazon, as I have gift certificates to reduce the hit on my wallet.


Other factors of importance are the usual:

Overall quality, but specifically related to sound: I listen to a variety of music including rock, pop, metal, industrial, jazz, funk, classical, occasional hip hop, and experimental, math rock-type instrumental music. So I don't necessarily want headphones that enhance or diminish certain sounds specific to musical genres. 


Comfort: I am not a serious 12-hours-without-a-break gamer, but ideally I would like to be able to comfortably wear the headphones for several hours. 


Functionality: I would prefer the headphones to have functional mobility, as I would like to be able to use them while walking or transport them to various locations throughout the day. 


Durability: If I am to spend a decent sum of money on headphones, I would prefer that they possess some manner of longevity.


I would list the products I have looked at more extensively, but I feel as though what I have written is exasperating enough.


I appreciate any feedback.

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I think Creative Aurvana Live would be a good starter option.

They're excellent headphones for the price, well made and also esthetically pleasing (sometimes important for portability).


You'd be hard pressed to find another headphone in the sub-100$ range ticking as many boxes as the Aurvana's do.

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