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Ok, so started to sense that IEMs tips are one of the most important component as it can change the sound drastically.  Ok, something I've noticed IEMs have different types of tips with various diameter of sound tube, and distance of the sound tube, and also length of the tips, and diameter of the tips.


What I've noticed is that some insert deeper inside the ears so it creates a narrower sound canal than the ear itself or other would have more shallow insertsion so it would output the sound at the entrance to the ear canal.  


To me when shallow, it sounds wider, and airy-er.  If it's inserted deeper and the tube and tips are vary narrow, it sounds thin.  


My question is could it be possible that universals would have greater potential to provide better sound than CIEM from shallow insertion and wider bore?  Could the CIEM deep insertion of narrow passage of negatively affect the sound?