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Custom Beats

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Hi, I have Beats Solo HD's that has a driver failure. I was thinking of replacing the internal drivers with hi-fidelity ones. Any suggestions? I know how to solder, and replace the drivers, I just don't want the stock bass head sound, but keep the chassis. A neutral-warm sound would be preferred.

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Can you return them to the store for a replacement, sell the replacement, and use the money to buy better headphones?

Instead of getting a replacement at the store, do you think they would exchange them for better headphones?

DIY headphones are largely uncharted teretory. If you are cool running around in it alone (you can read peoples previous experiences and maybe learn from their adventures) go for I!
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They're past warranty, can't exchange them. I was wondering if you could suggest some high end drivers for it. 30-50mm. Thanks

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