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I have searched everywhere for help but the system is a bit old so the manual does not have what I need. This is a early 2000 system particularly the Pioneer VS 05 ELITE series. My parents just dropped it on me since they don't need it anymore but I was wondering if it was still usable. Right now I have some Kensington desk speakers, a Left and right that connect to my PC via a single green headed cable. I want to add this subwoofer that came with the Pioneer in conjunction to that. Here is a picture of the AV Receiver, Amp, and Subwoofer from top to bottom respectively. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm so used to just connecting a green cable from my PC to the speaker. But I am ready to upgrade my sound system. What cables would I need in order to do this and where do I put them? There are so many ports! I have a general idea from the labels but I'm sure I will mess something up. Thanks again!