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For Sale or Trade:
MrSpeakers Alpha Dog w/ Balanced 4-Pin XLR Cable

Will Ship To: North America

I have a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog for sale.  I'm the second owner.  Its original owner put very few hours on it, and I've scarcely put on any more.  It remains in excellent condition.  Near as I can tell, the pads are in great shape.  It is missing the sticker on the headband detailing its default tuning adjustments, unfortunately.  For what it's worth, I was assured by the original owner that no changes were ever made to its tuning.

I will include the stock balanced 4-pin XLR cable, 7.5ft in length.  For an additional $15, the Alpha Dog will come packed in a Slappa HardBody Pro case.  For an additional $135, I will throw in a custom headphone cable from Charleston Cable Company.  This cable is 2m in length, utilizes C3's 21 AWG UP-OCC copper wire, and is terminated with a rhodium-plated, 1/8'' Oyaide plug.  I haven't had the opportunity to compare it against a stock single-ended Alpha Dog cable, but I found that it was a massive improvement over both the stock Sennheiser HD 600 and HD 650 cables when I had it terminated for those headphones.
I would prefer to sell this item to a buyer within the USA.  That said, I do have some experience with international shipping, so if you live outside the USA feel free to send me a PM.  I'll see what I can do to accommodate you.  I only accept payment through PayPal, and the price I've listed includes the cost of non-international shipping.


Feel free to PM me for more information about the performance characteristics/condition of this item and its accessories.  I'll be happy to provide it as best I can.  More pictures are forthcoming.

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