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Hi fellow audiophile alumni, i have been a member here for quite some time but have layed dormant for most of it.
I am in the process of replacing my audio equipment with newer gear to cater for the change in preferred genres and purposes.

As it stands, i own a pair of Shure SRH840 headphones. These have been excellent headphones while im remixing music or just listeneing to vocal dominant tracks on the PC, but just sound a bit "narrow" when used for movies.

I have had a browse through the forums and have narrowed the choices down to three potential headphones (open to more alternatives)
-ATH AD900X or DT 990 or Sen HD600

The headphone will be connected to a : Cowon C2 via a Fiio E11, My tablet via Fiio E10, and Yamaha Home Theatre.

Music genres i listen to are Hip Hop, Rock, Acoustic Tracks, any good vocalists.
Will mainly be used for movies on the tablet.

Thanks in advance, Chase