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Sennheiser HDVD800 vs Lehmann BCL for HD800

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There seems to be a dearth of information on the web about this comparison. I know that the Lehmann isn't exactly FOTM any more, but there must be quite a few people out there who are still using the BCL for their HD800's who would be interested to know how it compares to the HDVD800.


I've actually delayed my purchase of an HDVD800 as I have a Lehmann BCL already and I want to see how the HD800's (which should arrive on Monday) sound with it before I get anything else. From what I can gather, having read the whole HDVD800 thread, the new Sennheiser amp makes the HD800 more enjoyable and engaging to listen to across a broader range of genres compared to many other SS amps. Indeed, I would be surprised if the HDVD800 wasn't 'better' than the Lehmann BCL, but I'm interested in what the sonic differences actually are. I'm talking about just the amp section. I'm interested because as I don't listen to rock or much pop music but generally listen to acoustic jazz (also a lot of ECM stuff) or orchestral music, I'm thinking that the BCL might serve my tastes just as well or perhaps even better than the HDVD800.


I've spoken to a few dealers and not come up with any good answers. One just said that the HDVD800 was more 'punchy' than the BCL, and another very reputable dealer in the UK told me that on their own comparison the Lehmann seemed underpowered and not capable of driving the HD800's properly. Well, I'm sorry, but they lost me there and then. AFAIK Sennheiser used the Lehmann BCL in the development of the HD800, and certainly used it to demo the HD800 when it was introduced, There are also a number of reviews on the web stating how good the combination is, so to suggest that somehow the Lehmann isn't up to the job of driving the HD800 is laughable, especially coming from a reputable dealer.


So, can anybody who has heard the two amps with the HD800 please give some opinions as to what the actual sonic differences are?

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Said dearth continues! Anyone......................?

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The Lehmann BCL is a nice amp, but I'd think it be a bit on the bright side for the HD800. I already found it a bit too sparkly with my HE-500s and was lacking in grunt for the orthos. Build quality is very good though and it works well as a pre-amp.

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You can get 95% of the Lehmann by getting a Matrix M-Stage which sells for 1/5th the price. The M-Stage is a very well done clone that sounds very good with HD800.
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Thanks for replies. The point though is that I already have a BCL and I'd like to get some imput from people who have heard both the BCL and the HDVD800 with the HD800.
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Sorry, haven't heard the Senn amp and don't intend to. Seems to have gotten a luke warm reception here.
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Hmmm, mostly from people who haven't heard it, it seems.
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You could also try a tube DAC along with the BCL? I think that would make for a very nice sounding combination if you want to pair the BCL with the HD800. Haven't heard the HDVD800 unfortunately.

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