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Budget can for movies

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I want an open can(first choice) or semi-open can, for watching movies. Needs to be comfortable, with lots of ear space. They will be plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. Budget about $50. I was thinking of one of the Superlux models. What do you guys recommend? Thanks.

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Superlux are very good headphones for their price point.

My personal favorite is the 668B. It's the first serious full sized headphone I've ever bought and it's still with me after many years and many upgrades.

However, my recommendation to you would be their newer HD681 EVO for two reasons.

Firstly, they (should) come with a spare set of velour pads and secondly their sound signature might work a bit better for movies.

Velour pads are essential to have proper comfort with Superluxes (at least for the 668B and 681 models). And sound signature wise they're quite bassy and warm, without any trace of harshness in the treble.

For extended listening these two factors might outweigh sheer sound quality alone.


Another alternative is the HD-330 or HD-660, which are the more comfortable Superluxes in stock form. I suspect the pads are a bit fatter and the ear rests inside a bit more easily.

HD-330 is more even and laidback, while HD-660 might come across as too harsh in the treble.

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Thanks Bobby. I'm removing the HD-660 because I don't want a closed can. Between the HD681 EVO and HD330, which is more comfortable, and which has more ear room?

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I would say the EVO, fitted with velours.

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Thanks. Does the 681 EVO come with the velour pads no matter where they're purchased from?

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No, depends on the dealer.

Some sell them with the extra velours, some don't. So you need to check that before buying.


For EU buyers I recommend getting them from

That's where I got all my Superluxes from and their EVO's do come with extra velours.

My local dealers, on the other hand, make no mention of them, so I assume they come only with stock pleather.


For US I'm not sure. A safe bet would be Amazon. In Q&A I see someone reporting velours were included. But best check before you buy.

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Originally Posted by Bobby S View Post

I would say the EVO, fitted with velours.


Thanks again. Are you saying the 681 EVO is more comfortable AND has more ear space(diameter and depth) than the HD300, when fitted with velours? Which would be if I didn't change the pads? Is it easy to change the pads?


Are these my 2 best choices for an open can, about $50?

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In bare stock, pleather form - HD-330 is more comfortable because the pads are softer.

The HD681 and 668B have a harder type of pleather which can become uncomfortable rather quickly (depending on head/ear size).

But once you put velours on them, comfort is no longer an issue. They become genuinely comfy headphones.

In terms of ear room, I think they're similar (hd-330 vs. evo). 


Other open cans below 50$ ...

The only one I have direct contact with is the Somic MH463.

In terms of sound alone it's probably one of the best cheap headphones I've owned/listened to.

But comfort in stock form is really bad. The pads are way too shallow and the headband is tensioned a bit too much, so your earlobes end up touching the grille in front of the drivers.

It's a shame really because the pads themselves are soft and the pleather material is nicer than most.

There are however quite a number of pads compatible with this headphone which solve the comfort issue (AT M50 or Shure pads)

Or the diy way - stuffing the underside of the pads with come kind of material (foam, cotton, etc).


Other raved about headphones on the cheap are Takstar hi 2050 and Pioneer Se-A1000.

But I don't have any first hand experience with them yet.

I have ordered a pair of Takstars from aliexpress, which should be arriving soon, but I haven't found a good deal on the Pioneers yet.


From "folklore" they should be both comparable with the Superluxes in terms of raw performance, but come with better comfort and build quality.

The Takstars are supposed to be very similar with DT880 (appearance and fit).

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Thanks again. I wonder why no one else is responding? I read about those Pioneers, but the cups look too shallow. I hate when my ears touch the inside of the cups. At the top of my list is the Superlux 681 EVO. I'll check into the Takstar.

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I use the $10 JVC HAS140 for watching movies. It is very open, lightweight and  comfortable.

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Thanks Bobby. I ordered the Superlux 681 EVO, with the spare velour pads.


Any tips or a link from anyone on changing the pads?

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You're welcome and enjoy your new headphones.


As for changing the pads it's very simple.

The stock ones will easily come off, by pulling them out. The velour pads will be a bit more tricky to put on.

Here's an image of akg velours (basically the same as the superlux ones)

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

On the rear side of the pads you notice a black plastic material which looks like a ring so to speak. You need to pull that 'ring; over the edges of the headphone cup, like a sock. That's all there is to it.

It will be tricky at first because new pads usually are a bit shrunk and you need to stretch them out a bit, to fit those cups. But with a bit of patience it can be done without any thrills.

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Thank you sir

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