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OMG!!!!! ITS HERE😃😅😰
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

OMG!!!!! ITS HERE😃😅😰


It's a fake.

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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

OMG!!!!! ITS HERE😃😅😰

Nice! Awaiting your FX850 vs DN2k impressions 😄🎧👾
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The transparency is of the chain 😋....the sound so balanced better then the fx850 but yes both different sound signature 😃
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mochill how are the tips? esp compared to the dn-1000 ones if you've used them.

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Stiffer but good...but I'm using my jvc fx850 spiral tips on them😋....perfect 😎....amazing and on par with the beloved fx850 😍
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I say definitely a big step up from the dnk and worth it....the dynamic driver is so much faster and better quality 😎...and mids are euphoric 😍...treble is where I like it but only missing the timbre and soundstage of the jvc fx850..but I'll see how burn in helps😎😍
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Dayuum the miss are so beautiful 💕
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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

The problem with H-300 is although a wonderful IEM it's not 100% stable.

Apart from having a signature that might not appeal to everyone (lean/bright/cold) the treble can be edgy depending on sources and genres used, there's no denying H-300 also has its upsides, I bought a pair almost immediately on hearing them, however I also bought RDB Mini which again might not be for the everyday consumer signature wise. I think what Canikickit1 is trying to say is he finds DN-2000 more consumer friendly or finely polished as a complete package. 

H-300 bass quality is still some of the best I've heard from any price range and clarity is quite insane though behind the sparkles there's some flaws. I still like my H-300 a lot, I use it paired with Studio V 3rd Anv, it's overly coherent for hearing backup singers and background samples easy though again, I must control the volume levels. Firstly, to stop H-300 from leaning out too much or two, making the treble too hot. After having H-300 for about 2--3 months now the main problem with the T-Peos is treble comes forward before everything else and this remains consistent throughout the volume range. But if you learn how to use H-300 Its a strong contender if the signature suits.
Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

Don't get me wrong, I also love H-300, though one must see the flaws and on another degree depending on source they may or may not bother anyone at all. I was just talking about coherency in a PM, the ability to hear backup singers clearly through a chorus or busy passage. When I lay down late at night setting the volume to a suitable level H-300 does this for me in flying colours, I can clearly hear what  backup singers are saying or even with some tracks I know well hearing samples I never knew were there or other IEM just become confused with, more so than my ER4S, and H-300 have this intense clarity that makes your ears melt with happiness, airy high octane clairty,. especially with pop songs etc. However, for you and me H-300 sits well - we have learnt the signature and know how to handle it.

You keep enjoying H-300 and so will I. smile.gif

Originally Posted by Jetblack08 View Post

All I know is lJoker gave the Noble4 a 9.9/10 rating, and although I have the Noble4 universal I find myself going back to the H-300 to the point that all my other iems are collecting dust. Great bass, great separation, great clarity, AWESOME price. The Noble4 is going to be my last iem purchase for a while. Can't wait to hear the H-300 with the DX90.

So I've had T-PEOS H300 (forever), Noble 4 (for a week - thank you @d marc0), and Dunu DN2000, Sony XBA-H3 (but I'm too lazy to retake the group photo)(for a few days - thank you @djvkool) on hand and the short version is :

Noble 4 (N4) has amazing mids and highs clarity without being harsh or sibilant but for select tracks (very few). Vocals on rock, pop, metal and instruments on classical sound very detailed to me (but the sense of space isn't ruined by too much them being overly forward but they do feel lush), N4 sound more forward in the mids vs DN2000 and H300
For the highs, and 7/8k are present just enough not to be irritating but add to the feeling of cymbals sparkle (most of the time anyway).
I have to say I prefer the N4 tuning for mids and highs by a mile over both DN2k and H300.

Uneqed the bass on it is too BA+neutral for my taste for pop, metal or hip-hop (while the extension is hypothetically ok, I feel the roll-off and the amounts or rumble or kick are not comparable to either Dunu DN2000 or T-PEOS h300). At most it's like DBA-02 I suppose, or slightly stronger.

I had no luck reproducing an undistorted strong enough sub-bass boost with Jetaudio eq/tone controls or Clip+ parametric EQ/Tone control.
That said - I found with PowerAmp's tone control for bass at 11-1 o'clock (!!!!) N4 was maybe 70% of the fun of H300 in the bass (in the JH16FP way) .
I get a good seal on it,but my right ear starts hurting about 40m after starting to wear it.
The cable on it is nice and reminds me of the UM UM3x/Mentor cables (except the plug is different). The plug does fit my note 3 cover, but not the Nexus 4 case.

H300 is as per above - amazing bass amounts and lows not bleeding into the mids,
but somewhat cold mids. I did like N4 mids a lot more since while H300 have great clarity, I'd prefer something warmer in the mids for vocals or classical, but I don't H300.
The highs spike.
The highs spike is correctable with eq (either 8k q=1, 3-5db, specifically or for example treble reduction on idevices ), but IMO correcting it turns into to a bass forward IEM biggrin.gif . It still has the unrivalled bass fun factor for me, and tends to make every song a bass fun one (and the mids detail are still amazing despite the cold tonality) Comfort for me is a bit suspect as well - about 1-2h until unpleasantness sets in

DN2000 is the most balanced to most people (impression below with comply Tx500 and silver spacer rings)
These are easily the most comfortable of the 4 IEMs - both the silicon wings and the
The detail level is great across the range.
Sub-bass rumble and extension are nice, but not as forward as on H300. If anything DN2000 even has more bass and mids detail (initially I resisted the idea =))
DN2000 however didn't respond to bass EQ well for me.
It's not as fun as H300 with sub bass+bass amounts and as some remarked, may not be enough for some bassheads. (I don't like it unequed for bass)
The mids feel less sweet and less detailed on DN2000 vs N4 to me.
That said DN2000 is probably the more versatile overall
The highs are extended and forward but not as crispy or finely (inoffensively tuned) as N4, I H300 but as sweet as N4. (compared to N4, Dn2000 sound cold and I'm not sure just how much warmer it sounds overall vs H300)
I'd like to see the measurement for DN2000, since I liked the DN1k highs better. I'm fairly sure I can hear a peak 8-11k that shifts depending on the spacer and tips and makes it sound fatiguing and a bit thin to me. (as in treble elevated over the mids in an unpleasant way depending on your treble sensitivity)

EQed on clip+ with q=2,5, F=40hz, @3.5dB + and or +2 on the bass tone control make me like it a bit more vs H300 re sub-bass amounts, but I think a lot of the people will be happy without that. Poweramp tone control also does very well with it. (830-10 o'clock). I still miss H300 on many songs, but it's ok most of the time.
Overall I don't really like (hate) the Dn2000 tuning: to me, even EQed it feels a bit flat ,diffused and somewhat treble upper mids forward and a bit 'flat' in terms of the overall sound and I'm not quite sure how to adequately explain why (-2-3 db for Clip rockbox tone control for treble helps, or maybe 7.5k, -2.5db, 9.5k, -2db.)

Sony XBA-H3
The least comfortable and the most ridiculous looking, the biggest and least isolating earphones I've ever tried.
Normally they sound too mid/upper bassy and a bit disgusting.
People say the tape mod tones it down for the mid and upper bass, but I must've made the tape hole too large using a pin not a needle.
So I instead eqed it. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
H3 (tone bass 0)
clip+/rockbox parametric eq settings
band| dB, f, q

this takes off the excessive (disgusting) mid and upper bass, and brings out the nice sub bass/bass.
These have a wholesome (forward lower and upper) mids tuning ala Ex700 to me (very nostalgic and loveable for sweet mids) and a bit of extra bite on the 8-10k range making them sound sweet and fun but fairly detailed and generally forgiving for sibilance and excess 10k mastering. You may find using something other than the horrible ergonomics stock cable (that to be fair works with the the chin guard) is a better fit.

if these were 1.5x smaller I'd buy them.

my preference is H300 (eqed)> Sony H3 (eqed or maybe tape) = N4 (eqed) (very different sound signatures)> DN2000(eqed)
and I'd love a Noble 4 with a nice DD instead of the whatever BA used for lows there (DTEC?)
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I love balanced sound and I wouldn't want anymore bass then the dn2k😅....
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Originally Posted by svyr View Post

So I've had T-PEOS H300 (forever), Noble 4 (for a week - thank you @d marc0), and Dunu DN2000, Sony XBA-H3 (but I'm too lazy to retake the group photo)(for a few days - thank you @djvkool) on hand and the short version is :


I hate you :(


But thanks for the review

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Originally Posted by Hapster View Post

I hate you :(


But thanks for the review

Did you end up with the FX850 or still waiting for H300:p

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Originally Posted by XGUGU View Post

Did you end up with the FX850 or still waiting for H300:p

Well, I finally got ANOTHER email from Digital 852 and they said "oh whoops again!" so instead of shipping on the 12th, it literally shipped the day after they sent me the email, so I didn't really have time to cancel it.


So it shipped on the 9th and should now be arriving on the 14th-20th

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Great comparison.  Thanks for taking the time to do this!
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Vocals are amazing and mesmerizing 💕
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