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New to CIEMs - Seal

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Got my first pair of CIEMs (UM miracle) a few days ago and they sound glorious. I do have seal issues though, mostly with the right ear. This is my first pair so I have no idea if I am being picky and it's normal or if I actually have an issue.

When I walk there seems to be a... Don't know how to explain it, wax squishing sound. That I can live with and actually when my head is tilted a bit downwards the noise doesn't really happen.

What I believe to be an issue is when I open my mouth and ugh to fit the tip of my finger or more, the left (mostly) ear makes that wax squishing sound and the seal breaks, not by much as it feels like there's a air pocket that forms... So the seal reforms using another part of the ciem maybe?

Am I being picky or is this not normal? I must add that the audiologist did not have biting blocks so I used 2 fingers and what seems to be the normal alternative. Maybe my mouth was not opened enough? Too much? I'm curious actually does the ear get bigger as the mouth opens or smaller? I feel for the money invested the fit isn't right yet this is my first pair and don't quite know what I'm talking about and don't want to be abusing of the system or anything.
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I don't know how big your fingers are, but every video I have seen of someone getting molds they were biting on something thicker than my fingers. That would definitely affect the seal. CIEMs are supposed to be a PERFECT seal for you, that's why you get customs instead of universals after all. I would contact UM and see if they can't help you out somehow.

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Ya I probably should have looked elsewhere but when the trained professional (and PhD holding?) lady told me not to worry about it I just followed her instructions lol.

I've had a somewhat of a paradigm shift in my view on this. My right ear makes a weird wax like noise when I open my mouth a lot more but after 30 minutes of use I hardly feel it whereas the left ear still excerts a pressure (small albeit there) Maybe the one I thought is "defective" is actually the good one?

Do any ciem owners have that weird noise when they open their Mouths?
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From what I understand, it's actually pretty normal to get that squishing noise (ie. seal breaking) right around the point where your mouth was open while taking impressions.  


If one ear has more pressure than another, or the fit is a bit weird (ie. more pressure senstive in places than others), spend a few days with them and see what happens.


Your ears are actually quite pliable and will mold to them to some degree.  I had serious fit issues with my right IEM for my Roxannes.  I was certain I would be sending them back.  But sure enough, after 5 days, my ears adjusted, to the point where even 12+ hours later without them in my ear, they just slip right in and the fit is absolutely stellar.  The left ear on the other hand felt slightly loose, but it too has  better molded.  So now they both slip right in and feel perfectly balanced.  It took about 40 hours of wearing to get to that point though.

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Also, the plastic they use to mold can't be a high-meltpoint plastic because it would damage that parts inside, so wearing them for extended periods of time could probably help them soften and mold to you. Most plastics soften up around 200 degrees, and actually melt around 280, though there are exceptions to certain types of acrylic. I work in plastic sheet production.

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Your ear canal changes shape as you move your jaw.
I don't know about anyone else but I too find it easy for the CIEM to break it's seal in my ear when I smile / open my mouth. I can tell because I can hear that the bass response drops.

With my experience however, I never experience the "wax squishing sound"

I think I'm getting them remolded (impression from a different audiologist), if I do get it done, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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If you're wearing glasses the "wax squishing sound" could be because the memory wire part of the cable is rubbing against the earhooks of your glasses when you move around.

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