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For Sale: Garage1217 Project Ember

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For Sale:
Garage1217 Project Ember

Will Ship To: Anywhere

In great condition, still has about a year and a half or two years left on the warranty which will transfer to you, and is factory assembled. I'm the first owner and it comes from a no smoker/no pets home. I'm selling it to fund an upgrade to my ODAC as the HE-6 and speaker amp setup has dominated my listening time recently. I've reviewed it here so you can get an idea of how it sounds. It'll come with the US power adapter and stock EH 6922 tube. If you'd like to purchase additional tubes (sorry but I don't want to sell these separately due to shipping being a hassle so if you're buying the amp, just let me know which extras you want to tack on) the ones listed below are available. I'd prefer a CONUS sale if possible. The price includes shipping but the buyer is responsible for paypal fees. 


The tubes for sale to go to the buyer of the amp are


Valvo PCC88 $10

Tung Sol 6BZ7 $5

Sylvania 12BH7 $5

GE 12AU7 $5

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