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For Sale:
Denon 3800 BDCI BluRay Player--Needs Repair

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have one of the original flagship BluRay players here for sale:  the Denon 3800BDCI, which retailed for $2000.00 back in 2008.  


First off, the player is absolutely mint cosmetically speaking, but there is a problem with the HDMI out; after an hour or so of perfect playback, a green checkerboard screen appears.  Pulling the HDMI cable and reinserting it will correct the problem temporarily, but this machine will need repair in that area.


The audio is fine, and any of the other video outputs are also working perfectly.  As you can see from the photos, this player is not internet capable; it does have extensive audio capabilities, however, including the 7 channel analog outputs.  


This player could be a great deal for someone who is able to repair it, or have the repairs done.  It would also make a great audio transport, if you are looking for something like that.  You will have to google search the specs and features of this player; they are far too numerous to mention.


I should also mention that compared to today's compact BluRay players, this unit is extremely large and heavy.


It comes with the detachable AC power cord, remote control, instruction manual (a fairly thick book!) and the original packaging.  I will take any reasonable offer for this unit, considering its condition--it will cost in the neighborhood of $60-$70 to ship anywhere in CONUS, however, due to its bulk.  


Thanks for checking out my listing--PM me with any offer you might have!